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Digital Design Space provides the in-depth, up to the second data you need to: improve sales performance, reduce shopping cart abandonment, control ad costs, optimize ad campaigns, evaluate and improve page content, monitor multiple web sites and more.

Marketing Campaign Analysis

  • Compare campaign performance over time
  • Identify the most successful offers and promotions
  • Monitor email campaign success
  • See which sales came from each ad, search or referral

eCommerce Analysis

  • Identify top performing products
  • Discover which content most attracts visitors
  • Convert more visitors into customers
  • Improve your visitor's online experience

Search Engine / Search Phrase Analysis

  • Measure and optimize Search Engine marketing efforts
  • Distinguish between organic and paid search results
  • Control Pay-Per-Click costs
  • Optimize keywords and phrases

Navigation Analysis

  • Determine unique visitors, return visitors
  • See which paths and pages led to sales
  • Find out where your visitors got lost or exited your site

Page Content Analysis

  • Evaluate page real estate for top performance
  • Determine which subjects on a page most interest your visitors
  • Analyze on page link effectiveness
  • Easily guage the effectiveness of each page's content

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